Our focus is on our students

The bachelor programmes are located in Elmshorn. There are four dual study programmes to choose from.

Studying at the NORDAKADEMIE Graduate School

The Graduate School was founded in 2013 as an offshoot of the NORDAKADEMIE. The location of our Graduate School is the Hamburg Dockland, one of the most spectacular buildings in Hamburg.

The Graduate School offers the largest range of on-site, part-time master’s courses; the practical application of what has been learned, the comprehensive support offered by the university and, above all, the feasibility of being able to complete the courses mean that we have a success rate of over 90 %. The program and degree of our since 2001 successfully offered MBA programme have been nationally recognized and accredited by an internationally recognized agency (premium-seal of the FIBAA).

In addition, we have an extensive programme of further training courses, students of which can be awarded a qualification at university level.