We would be delighted if you wished to apply for a Master's degree with us.

The application and selection process at the NORDAKADEMIE Graduate School is as follows:


1.    Online application                   

2.    Potential test  

     a.    Knowledge test

     b.    Personality test

3.    Selection interview       

4.    Contract signature

With this Master's degree, 90 credit points can be acquired. A total of 300 credit points are required for the Master's degree which also entitles to doctoral studies. Participants who start the study course with less than 210 credit points have the opportunity before graduation to make up missing credit points (in German). Please ask about the admission requirements (Zulassungsbedingungen in German) for your degree course.

We place great importance on consultation and support.

Furthermore we look forward to answering your questions. In the selection process, we take a lot of time for you and your questions. Our multi-stage selection process has proven itself over many years and contributes significantly to the well above-average success rates in our programmes. 

We are available for a personal interview on campus, by phone or email.

Link to online application