Course of studies

The Master's degree programme at the NORDAKADEMIE Graduate School combines the benefits of classroom teaching with closely coordinated self-paced study for maximum success and a high degree of flexibility while simultaneously working.

The lectures of the Master's degree courses of the MBA take place in the following order:

Self-study phase                    

  • 4-6 weeks

12-13 classroom phases                                                        

  • lectures in German and English for 2.5 – 3 days per module
  • between that self-study phases + examinations


  • optional

Additional offers

  • International weeks in America, China, Russia
  • Business English on 5 class days
  • Academic lectures and seminars

Master's thesis

  • 4 months


The degree course begins with the first study period which is a self-study phase of four to six weeks. Following that are two classroom weeks (Monday to Friday / Saturday), in which the basic modules are taught.

The first classroom week is offered about four to six weeks after the start of the study course. The second classroom week is offered approximately eight weeks after the start of the study course.

The classroom sessions for all other modules of the first to third study phases are offered in four to six weeks intervals for two and a half days (usually from Monday to Wednesday or Wednesday to Friday (MBA also Saturdays)). The lectures will take place during the day and not in the evenings, mostly from 9:15 AM to 6:30 PM. The MBA program of the NORDAKADEMIE Graduate School comprises of 450-480 classroom hours.

Exams (usually two hours) are typically written two weeks after the end of each classroom phase on a Monday, Friday or Saturday in the morning or around noon.

The final task of the study course is the Master’s thesis during the third study phase. Four months are allocated for the MBA.

Graduation takes place about 2 to 3 months after the end of the study course in June and in November / December.

If you are interested in an MBA degree course, you can find an overview of the classroom lectures in the curriculum for the first phase of study for the next possible starting date of the degree course.