Tuition amounts to EUR 15,000 for the MBA programme. This includes:

  • All classroom lectures
  • Teaching materials (textbooks, scripts, etc.)
  • Examination fees
  • Online support
  • Participation in the International Weeks (Mexico City, Shanghai, St. Petersburg) (travel and local accommodation expenses excluded)

Normally, the costs and fees incurred by you in connection with the degree course are tax deductible in full.

The tuition fees will be invoiced semi-annually in four instalments of 3,750 Euro each, the first instalment is due no later than four weeks prior to the start of the degree course.

Upon receipt of the first instalment you will receive the initial study materials usually four to six weeks prior to your first classroom lecture. At the beginning of your degree studies, you will also receive your student ID card.

If the completion of the degree is not possible during the normal study period due to a personal or professional situation, a free study time extension for a phase of study (8 months) is possible.

Another tip: If you compare the tuition fees of private universities, you should also pay attention to occasionally "hidden" costs (e.g. for registration, examinations, study time extension). If the provider does not disclose or only inform you about fees after signing-up to a list of interested parties, often above-average fees accrue.